Hi everyone,

Recently seen some gross stuff going around in circles pretty close to me and it’s frankly made me uncomfortable with having a blog with as many followers as this. If you think any of the following are acceptable behaviors, then I ask you to leave because I don’t want my work associated with people who approve of…

  • Casually making jokes or using slur s against people based on their race, sexuality, gender (including trans and nonbinary people), sexual activity, or disability.
  • Encouraging or participating in the harassment of or violence against people based on those same things
  • In any way knowingly promoting sexism, racism, homophobia, cissexism, transphobia, or ableism.
  • Harassing or stalking people
  • Revealing somebody’s private information without permission
  • Threatening to kill somebody or suggesting a person commit suicide
  • Threatening to rape somebody or suggesting a person be raped
  • Using the victims of rape, abuse, depression, or any such thing as the butt of a joke
  • Generally disrespecting victims of serious trauma
  • Being a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and claiming that you won’t touch anything made by a feminist. This one is just plain silly.

This is not a comprehensive list of behavior I don’t approve of, but it is a list of behaviors I see very often and that I genuinely worry a significant number of my readers might be a-okay with. I know this is an uncharacteristically serious post, but the idea that my work could potentially become associated with any of the above views just because I don’t explicitly make clear that they are not welcome is frightening.

Thank you all for being patient